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Drillseeding:  The best of all worlds.  It is really common sense.  When you plant a garden, do you toss out large handfuls of seed?  Or do you carefully bury the seeds at the ideal depth and provide the appropriate nutrients and follow up?  In 1999, JV Seeds was the first company to take "brillion seeding" off of the sod farm and size the equipment down in order to bring PROCESS to the public in the Treasure Valley rather than just the PRODUCT.  Our customers actually coined the term "drillseeding" somewhere along the way, even though there really is not a drill involved.  We use specialized equipment pulled behind an ATV that gets the job done right. It is compact enough to do a small backyard and even efficient enough to turf an entire park or athletic field.  JV Seeds has been the go to turf contractor for many developers, builders, landscapers, and residential customers around the Treasure Valley for the past 15 years.  We have ties to Northwest seed growers and suppliers, which is why we have the best seed and fertilizer blends we can find for our area.  JV Seed uses an exlusive blend Manhattan 5 Perennial Rye and Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass creating a lawn with all of the most desirable attributes while at the same time providing all of the post-germination fertizlization and weed control necessary to assure a quick and impressive turf that can be ready to mow, weed free and established in as little as 2-3 WEEKS (under good conditions).  All of this for similar costs to hydroseed and a fraction of the cost for sod.  Any questions? 

Drillseeding is used to plant park areas,  used by sod farmers and for football fields.

Wonder why?  It produces lush, healthy grassy areas with strong, established root systems.  And, it is the economical way to plant  well established, healthy grassy areas!

Your lawn/space

If watered as directed, your grass can be looking like this within 3 weeks, under good conditions!

Our Services:  Drillseeding grassy areas, fertilization, spraying, and rototilling